Engage in Fall

Tomi Ogeye
2 min readNov 7, 2022

We got snowed in today.

Photo by Alejandro Luengo on Unsplash

This week was pretty bright and sunny. The weather was good but my little one’s body could predict the future. He had a fever. The weather change was pretty quick and we barely had time to adjust. We woke up this morning and torrents of snow had fallen.
There is melancholy in the air that the cooler weather, fewer daylight hours, cloudy skies, and withering plants usher in. Change is happening and you may feel like you’re not ready; like me. The one good thing that staved off the weather and the chill in the air was sitting in a room with friends and laughing hard! Hence, I propose that the one thing you need to do at this point is to engage.
Engage in conversations, engage in activity, engage in life. Engage because engaging opens up your mind to changes and embraces them. The cycle of life continues and you can whine, complain, lay down in defeat, feel down, like complain and whine or decide to act differently. Act from a place that understands that you need to make an effort and God will bless it and grant you the grace to feel joy.

Engage in the way leaves change from green to yellow to burgundy/brown.
Enjoy the shadows and rest in the darkness.
Embrace the inertia of emotion and the effort it takes to jostle your heart into feeling.
Engross yourself in traveling out of your comfort zone, through books, and with your imagination.
Enrich yourself with the will to live and live well. Live by giving and being a breath of kindness, grace, and fresh air.
Engage in the awareness of the changes in your body, lethargy, weakness, and stress.
Ensure that you take care of yourself. Drink water, take vitamins (especially D), and exercise.

Fall is here and although we may have experienced Fall before, it’s new every year. You haven’t experienced this Fall before. We cannot be indifferent to the presence of war, unrest, and tragedy although they have been present in the world for a while now. But we did make it through a pandemic and there’s much to be grateful for.
For the Fall lovers, more power to you. We enjoy your positivity and we hope that you can keep up the good work and help us enjoy the season as much as you do.
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