How to Have a Satisfactory 2022

Tomi Ogeye
3 min readJan 4, 2022
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I love lists. At points when I don’t have a list to guide me, I feel lost and without direction. As the year starts, work begins, school resumes, post-holiday life commences, my advice to myself is to plan and take one step at a time. A passage I love, which supports my love for planning and lists is:

1 Corinthians 14:40, Let all things be done decently and in order.

I do not want to repeat a previous post so my focus will be on a few short items to consistently think on or do each day in 2022 .

  1. Set up your priorities: my priorities in 2022 are similar and yet different from other years. I intend to seek God this year once again yet more consistently. I also plan to prioritize family like never before. Finally, I am keen on lifelong learning, travel, and basking in or embracing my zest for life again. These priorities will guide my decisions and lists on a day-to-day level and the year in general.
  2. Creating lists: my schedule is different and will be for the better part of the year. I have a list of a few things I hope to do each day. I write my list the day/night before to ensure that I am not going through the next day like a headless chicken. I don’t have a huge list but I feel accomplished ticking the few things off my list. Some items on my list are 1. laundry 2. exercise 3. read Bible 4. make a smoothie 5. go for a walk/read/go for a drive. I also have alarms and reminders set up on my phone with appointments and meetings to make sure I don’t omit anything.
  3. Practice gratitude: I still have my gratitude journal and once a week, I write in it and dwell on all the great people and great things happening in my life. Part of gratitude and something I am working on is appreciating people, to their faces. I know the year will unfold better for them emotionally if I remain consistently grateful throughout the year and no matter what happens.
  4. Look back to look ahead: I know I cannot progress successfully without evaluating the past first. I generally tick the things I accomplish off my list and push forward whatever I may have omitted. I will be looking back at 2022 with my next post and briefly going over lessons learned. I hope you look out for that too.

If you intend to have an extraordinary 2022 and in addition to the items listed above:

1. have the right attitude

2. be zealous in well-doing

3. go out of your comfort zone

4. just do it — avoid procrastination!

Thank you for reading this. Have a swell 2022!

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