Planning to Host Events/Friends this Summer?

Tomi Ogeye
3 min readMay 13, 2022

I had people over last weekend and the games got pretty heated. I am happy to announce that my five month old slept through all the noise! Summer is here and if you’re like me, you may want to host an event! I have hosted a summer event every year since 2018 (except in 2020 for obvious reasons). I absolutely love having people over!

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First, why host an event? I think hosting an event is a great way to be intentional about relating with others. I also think it fosters responsibility. Additionally, I think it helps with skill building (you learn to plan, interact with others, and think on your feet). Hosting an event is a great way to appreciate people in your life. Finally, hosting generally brings joy and creates an atmosphere for blessings to abound. Summer events are great because you can host outside. You’ll have more space and avoid a mess at your home.

How do you plan an event?

  1. Think of everything and everyone: this is typically my starting point. I think of the kind of atmosphere I want. If there’ll be games, I know who would be comfortable playing and who would not. I think of the kind of food the guest will be comfortable eating. I think of the best venue, a park, backyard, or my home. And I consider the number of people that would be comfortable and best suited for the space.
  2. Preparation: prepare everything and for anything! Prepare for guests that may come late (set food aside). Prepare lists. I typically have a guest list, game list, food/grocery list, and random items that will definately set your event apart. You can buy games and decor to facilitate a theme.
  3. Have extras: it’s better to have excess food than to have too little. Plan for five more than you have invited. Why? some people may come with a plus one which is usually not a bad thing. And if you have excess, there’s more for you for the next day. Hebrews 13:2 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.
  4. Delegate: there always individuals that are super helpful and can’t sit still. If they offer to help, elegate. If you are planning to host with a partner of friend delegate prior to the event just to give you the opportunity to enjoy the event as well.
  5. Relax: Plan to have a good time and be flexible. Some things may not go as planned and that’s fine. Go with the flow and make sure you enjoy yourself. As much as you need to be a good host, I find that if you lay things out and explain things from the onset, people figure things out and you’re not held up the whole evening.

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